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The Red Earth Studio is the home to all things creative. From art workshops and classes to events and art tours. The studio is also a place to find out about interactive projects and mixed reality experiences based in your communities. The studio is run by designer, film maker and creative educator Jay Pressnell. Jay has much experience in teaching visual art and design at both high school and tertiary both in New Zealand and the UK. He has a Masters in Design, Bachelor of Arts in Illustration and Design, a Post Graduate Certificate in Arts Education, and has 20 years plus experience as a freelancer in illustration, design, interactive technology and film.

Alongside art education and creative workshops, The Red Earth Studio creates Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Experiences as part of The Tiaki Project, with a focus on archiving local histories and community narratives. The archival process and interactive experiences also focus on people, community spaces and places of historical importance, providing opportunities to share and experience our important heritage.

Providing unique creative education and interactive experiences, centred around community and history, are the mantra of The Red Earth Studio. We look forward to sharing all of this with you. 

Thanks. Jay Pressnell.

The Red Earth Studio,

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