Rural-Port Waikato Community Board

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The Rural-Port Waikato Community Board role is to express the community’s views on local issues to the Council.

This community board consists of a north and south subdivision to ensure equal representation across the board boundaries.

Details of the elected members:

Rural-Port Waikato Community Board – North Subdivision (two positions)

COSTAR, Rosemarie (elected unopposed)

FRY, Leah Jane (elected unopposed)


Rural-Port Waikato Community Board – South Subdivision (two positions)

CAMERON, Bruce (elected unopposed)

COKER-GREY, Flee (elected unopposed)


Up to date Information from the council and all minutes from previous meetings can be found here.

The Board meets on a six-weekly cycle with meetings scheduled to start at 6.00pm. Public Forum will be the first item on the Agenda.

All members of the public are invited to attend.


Chair: Bruce Cameron

Deputy Chair: Leah Fry

For more information contact the General Manager Customer Support Sue O’Gorman or the  Democracy Team on any matters relating to the Rural-Port Waikato Community Board agenda.

The Community Boards meeting details can be found on the council Events page.  Please contact the Waikato council Democracy Team if you have any queries.


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